The PrEP You Want - Administrative Survey



Study Title “The PrEP You Want”: A survey on online cross-border PrEP shopping


Principal Investigator

Darrell Tan, MD, PhD, FRCPC, Division of Infectious Diseases, St. Michael's Hospital


Dan Gallant, Knowledge Facilitator, Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance

Ben Walmsley, BA, St. Michael’s Hospital

Mark Naccarato, BScPharm, St. Michael’s Hospital

Mark Hull, MD, Division of Infectious Diseases, University of British Columbia

Alex Smith, RN, Alberta Health Services

Study Coordinator

Alexandre Schnubb, St. Michael's Hospital (416) 864-6060 x77105



You are being asked to consider taking part in a research study being conducted by a research team from St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto in collaboration with the Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance (GMSH). Before agreeing to participate, it is important that you read and understand the following explanation of the study. You are free to accept or decline participation in the study without affecting the quality of your care at any of the organizations involved in this study.

You are eligible to complete this study if you can answer “yes” to ALL of the following five questions:

  • Do you identify as a gay, bisexual or other man who have sex with men?

  • Have you read the “The PrEP You Want: How to Order PrEP Online” information resource online, and determined whether you are likely to use the approach or not?

  • Are you a resident of Ontario?

  • Can you read/write English?

  • Do you confirm that you have NOT completed this study previously?


Purpose of the study

This study has been designed to determine the characteristics, perspectives and experiences of individuals who have considered the “The PrEP You Want: How to Order PrEP Online” approach for buying HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) medication. This project may help efforts to improve the availability of PrEP and other services to people at high risk of HIV infection.


Study Procedures

Participation in this study is voluntary. If you agree to participate, you will first be asked to fill out this short administrative survey (1-2 minutes) that asks for your email address so we can send you the first of two study surveys, the type of gift card you would like to receive as a token of appreciation for your participation, your permission to be contacted in three months for a short second study survey, and your permission to be contacted regarding future studies.

About one business day later, you will be emailed a link to the first study survey, along with a unique study code number that you should enter into that survey. The surveys are confidential. Please do not include your name or any other identifying information other than what is asked in the survey. The first study survey takes about 10-15 minutes to complete and asks you questions about your health, perspectives and experiences with PrEP and the “The PrEP You Want: How to Order PrEP Online” approach. You have the option to not answer any questions which you find confusing, uncomfortable, or choose to skip for any reason. You also have the option to withdraw your consent at any time for any reason, either by contacting the study team before the study is complete (summer 2018), or by simply not completing the survey. If you choose to withdraw while still logged into the survey, clicking on the “Exit and clear sruvey” button will delete all your responses and close the survey. If you choose to withdraw after submitting your responses, you should reply to the original email address that sends you the survey link.

If you do consent to being contacted in the future, this contact will be limited to the short second study survey, and to information about potential future studies about HIV prevention conducted by the research team. This contact will be kept for no more than 5 years before being deleted.



All information obtained during the study will be held in strict confidence. Although the initial administrative survey asks for your email address, which may include your name or other identifying information, this will be stored separately from the main study data, will only be used by one member of the study team (the study coordinator), and will not be disclosed to others. Completed surveys will be securely stored until study completion, after which the surveys will be securely destroyed. Unless otherwise required by law, access to study surveys will be limited to the study investigators and their delegates, the University of Toronto and St. Michael’s Hospital Research Ethics Boards, for the purpose of monitoring the study, and the survey provider (HostedinCanada). The results of this study may be presented by the study team at conferences, seminars or other public forums, and published in journals. Study data will be kept for 7 years after completion of the study before being deleted.


Potential Risks

Some of the questions may be embarrassing, or ask about issues you are uncomfortable disclosing. You are free to skip any questions you do not wish to answer.


Potential Benefits

There are no known benefits to you from participating in this study. Your participation in this study may benefit populations in need of PrEP for HIV prevention in the future.



As a token of appreciation for completing this study, you will be emailed an electronic gift card of $5 for completing the first study survey and $10 for completing the second study survey once your responses are received. You can select what kind of gift card you would like in this initial administrative survey.


Research Ethics Board Contact

The study protocol and consent form have been reviewed by the HIV Research Ethics Board at the University of Toronto and by the Research Ethics Board at St. Michael’s Hospital. If you have any concerns regarding your rights as a study participant, you may contact the University of Toronto Research Oversight and Compliance Office – Human Research Ethics Program at or 416-946-3273 during business hours, or the Chair of the St. Michael’s Hospital Research Ethics Board at (416) 864-6060 x2557 during business hours.


Study Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the principal investigator, Dr. Darrell Tan at (416) 864-5568 during business hours.